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David Swanson Sr.


About David Swanson Sr.

Based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, David Swanson is a skilled and experienced financial services professional whose career spans more than 30 years in the industry. He is the Founder and President of Swanson Financial, providing retirement planning and financial literacy services to the Pacific Northwest. 

For the first decade of his career, David built his foundation in finance, working on Wall Street. During that time, he worked as a representative for two major investment firms, providing expertise and services as needed. However, he took a look at his career and determined that he could best serve his clients’ interests as an independent investment adviser, and so David stepped away from the world of Wall Street investment firms to start his own company, where he could keep the firm more consistent with his own philosophy and ideals. 

As a financial services industry professional with decades of tenure, David Swanson knows how important it is to find the right financial professional whose investment philosophy aligns with your goals. A financial professional’s philosophy should act as a guiding set of principles that they weave throughout each client relationship to drive their strategy and plan. 

David Swanson knows that it’s imperative to protect yourself against the three biggest threats to your money. The first is low-interest rates, which can have a devastating effect on immediate income. The second is rising interest rates, which can have a dramatic downward effect on the price of more stable, long-term investments like corporate or municipal bonds. Finally, David knows that one of the most important risks to protect yourself and your assets against is inflation. Also known as the devaluation of the dollar, inflation poses one of the most imposing risks to our wealth – as a result, the team at Swanson Financial knows how important it is to have part of your money work to outpace the rising cost of goods and provide a steady source of income for you. 

Over the past 20 years working in financial services, David Swanson has conducted public speaking engagements and educational seminars on the essentials of retirement planning. He believes deeply in the power of giving back to his community, which is why he’s involved with several organizations locally. He’s served on nonprofit boards for organizations that include the Oregon Lacrosse Youth Association and the Albertina Kerr Center for Children. He also served as the executive vice president of the Portland State University Athletic Board. 

For more information from David Swanson about financial literacy, be sure to visit his blog page or check out Swanson Financial’s site for the latest updates!

David Swanson Sr